Here at More House School we endeavour to offer our students an extra-curricular programme that is more than a token activity to end the day. Through our programme we aim to inspire, support and develop the boys, offering a variety of activities that appeal to all.

We feel that offering a broad programme allows us to facilitate the learning and progress of the students through adventure discovery. Allowing them to make the decisions and take ownership of their learning; academically, physically and socially.

Our programme is woven into the fabric of the day through break time activities, trips and our after school clubs. The success of these clubs is driven by the boys and staff through links with the school council. From beginning to end we strive to provide a environment in which we the boys will develop the desire to succeed in every aspect of their life, using the skills they develop through extra-curricular learning.

Autumn Term Letter To Parents

After-School Activities and Curriculum support Timetable Autumn 2017

Extra Curricular Activity Dates Autumn 2017

→ 6th Form Judo and Self Defence

→ Chess Club Summer 2017

rugby tackle