Since September 2013 all boys have been tracked for their skills progression using a bespoke system designed by the teachers of More House School. The purpose of the tracking system is to improve knowledge of actual achievement and to set specific targets for progress. Teachers and therapists will use the system as a tool to improve communication and to support all pupils in understanding what they have achieved and what they need to do next to make progress. This tool will assist all teachers and therapists in stretching every child to ensure that he achieves his potential. It will also assist parents in understanding exactly what skills their son has achieved and what skills are still being developed.

The system can be accessed by students and parents via the school extranet. Please contact the appropriate Head of Year for guidance on this should you need it.

Please click on the link below for further information about how Tracking works and how best to make use of it as an effective tool to aid student progress.

Tracking Guidance