Children arrive into More House Lower School from Year 4 upwards. Whatever their age, our classrooms provide a safe, secure, happy and stimulating environment where learning is paramount.

All Lower School pupils have access to the facilities in the school, learning science in the laboratories used by seniors and music in the well-equipped Bradbury Music School but have their own ICT suite and hall housed in a separate building, Gard’ner House, solely for our younger children. Older boys are not allowed access to these areas unless part of our Amicus programme where Sixth Formers spend time working with Lower School pupils. The Sixth Formers likewise have their own building and study rooms.

The classrooms are bright and inspiring, displaying work and information, without being over-stimulating. Each boy has a form room where he can keep belongings and find his timetable on display. We consider this a base where he can return to in the day, if he needs to, and where he will usually find his form tutor. These rooms also serve as teaching rooms so the boys become very familiar with the environment but do not spend the day in one room. Personal timetables mean that not only is each boy placed in the group most suited to his needs but that he must also learn to follow his own programme and move around the school from room to room. Pupils are supported in doing this and develop independence at a steady pace until they are naturally ready to join the Upper School where they will be required to change rooms more frequently.

In the classroom, teachers make sure they have well organised resources and regular classroom routines. They aim to create a positive classroom climate – adults and children in the class like and respect one another. We believe that classrooms should be happy places where children develop in creative, clear thinking, and as responsible individuals.