Pastoral support for pupils is delivered through a system of form tutors coordinated by heads of each year group team.

Each pupil is a member of a form tutor group comprising approximately twelve boys. They have a single form tutor who meets with the group at the beginning of every school day and at the end of the day’s lessons. The tutor becomes the central point for communications regarding the academic progress and pastoral support of the pupils within their form group. The form tutor is usually the first point of contact for parents and subject teachers, and liaises with other members of the school’s staff as appropriate regarding pupils in their form group. Oversight of the academic and pastoral support of pupils within each year group is provided by the head of year, who meets regularly with each form tutor in the year group. The pastoral support delivered by the year-group team of tutors and head of year often includes year-group activities and a residential trip off-site. Each year-group of pupils has an annual Parents’ Evening at which parents and their sons have the opportunity to meet with subject teachers, therapy staff, the form tutor and the head of year to discuss the pupil’s progress and needs. Twice a year a review of each pupil’s progress since the last review is received by parents, containing reports from each of the pupil’s subject teachers, form tutor, and therapy tutors.