The curriculum in the Lower School is matched to our pupils needs focusing on strengths as well as difficulties. Departments write schemes of work that are designed to motivate, inspire and challenge our pupils giving them a sense of purpose and an opportunity to succeed at GCSE level.

Through careful planning, the curriculum enables pupils to manage the transition from Year 4 to Year 8 with ease and confidence. In the younger years, lessons are taught by a team of teachers which includes form tutors, and the core subjects are delivered by primary specialists. The majority of lessons take place in the dedicated Junior building while others provide the opportunity for boys to learn in the specialist teaching rooms such as music and technology.

As the pupils move through the Lower School the number of specialist subject lessons increases and the boys experience a greater variety of teachers and classrooms. In Year 8 boys make option choices which shape their learning experience in Year 9; this is in preparation for making final option choices for study at GCSE level at the end of Year 9.

The options for academic year 2016-17 can be seen below, along with the form to be returned to the school by 17th June.

 → Year 8 Options Booklet

 → Year 8 Return Form

Although subject knowledge is at the heart of curriculum planning, it is underpinned by a focus on skills and the need for each pupil to become and independent effective learner.

In addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, the syllabus covers Art, Music, Drama, Design and Technology, ICT, Cooking and food-preparation, Religious Studies, Humanities and PE.