The Drama Department

Drama at More House School is an exciting and creative subject, in which students gain the opportunity to develop the creative and critical skills involved in performance and gain the opportunity to put them into practice during school productions and show case events. 

Drama students indulge in a diverse Drama GCSE program, hosted by the EDEXCEL exam board. Students complete three units of study that develop their understanding of explorative strategies, knowledge of play scripts and their ability to consider theoretically the effectiveness of the core drama skills in use, both in their own and others' work. Students study the works of a variety of playwrights including Mike Leigh, Roy Williams and John Godber. Should students wish to progress further with Drama after GCSE we are currently offering a Performing Arts BTEC course which will begin in September 2013 and allow students to explore a wider breadth of performance, with optional units of study on a range of topics including script writing and directing. We also go on a number of theatre trips throughout the GCSE and BTEC courses; last term students went to the Phoenix theatre in London to see ‘Blood Brothers' by Willie Russell, enabling them to benefit from experiencing theatre outside of the classroom.  Recent performances have included Honk, Oliver and Alex in Wonderland (Summer 2013). 


Creative Arts

The Creative Arts are an important part of the curriculum at More House School. Art and Design is taught as a separate subject from year 4 to year 9 with GCSE BTEC and A level courses available from year 10 onwards.  Our aim as a department is to make each learning experience appropriate and accessible to all pupils while encouraging a personal and imaginative approach to art and design.

Pupils are given the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of practical skills, exploring visual, tactile and other sensory experiences. Through the study of artwork which embraces a range of ideas, we aspire to develop self-confident and enquiring minds.

From year 10 onwards we offer a selection of courses tailored to the individual through taught sessions and independent project work. Our well-equipped department consists of a junior art room, three art and design studios with one specific to ceramics, two digital photography studios and a silver based photographic darkroom.


Edexcel GCSE, AS and A2 Photography -

Light and Lens Based Media

Photography GCSE and A Level are project based courses which develops knowledge and understanding of creative photographic techniques, materials and processes. Through exploring the work of other photographer's students develop a wide range of analytical skills. Independent judgment is encouraged to extend own thinking and inform practical work. Most importantly students learn to develop imaginative powers together with the skills to express ideas feelings and opinions through visual interpretation. The course provides the opportunity to experiment with both still and moving image, digital and silver- based photography. 


Edexcel BTEC Nationals in Art and Design, Level 2 and 3

The BTEC National provides an in-depth education and training programme to help students enter employment or allow students to progress to further or higher education in their chosen sector of art and design. The BTEC offers the students the chance to be judged by continual assessment rather than by an end of course exam. The breadth of the qualification allows teachers to tailor their classes to suit the students they are teaching and ensure they get the best results possible.