The respect shown to each member of the school community is a sign of that best self; the friendship; the support given to each other, helping each one to become fully alive and a responsible member of the community that can sympathise, listen and support their fellow colleagues in both good and the bad times. The Chaplain, Fabrizio Tiburzi, is available for all members of the school community, students, staff and parents of all faiths or none.

Social respect is a very important element of life at More House and this ethos is embedded into everything we do. Although a Catholic Foundation, we welcome all faiths and none. The school encourages students to develop a spirituality which helps them to see beyond the physical and material, which helps them in times of need, and which gives them strength and confidence in their everyday lives.

Each boy and each member of staff is very important to us. When they are hurting, we all hurt, when they are joyous we all share in the happiness of their situation. We are like a big family here at More House and therefore school life involves both our students’ and staff’s wellbeing and happiness.

All students attend assembly at least three times a week, led by the Headmaster or a senior member of staff. Covering contemporary and historical issues or topics, the assemblies provide time for both learning and reflection, promoting Christian values such as kindness, generosity, loyalty and respect, whilst inviting students to think for themselves and remain open to the ideas of others.

Spirituality drives a number of our fundraising efforts throughout the year, from

the sponsored walk to raise money for our link schools in Tanzania, to events such as Christmas by Candlelight and our Easter Service, where we remember those closer to home who are in need. Our work-exchange programme also gives students a chance to help and work with those less fortunate than themselves.

The Catholic Chapel at the school provides all students – regardless of faith – with a calm and peaceful place to think, reflect, pray or find solace. Our Chaplain sees the Catholic pupils once a week, and there are also occasional masses.

As school chaplain's role is being a witness to each person in the community, a witness helping each one to identify their part in the community; by showing each other that we are images of God, and if each one of us recognises that we are that image we will walk taller, we will show that we are someone, and we will know that we are fully alive.

The respect shown to each member of the school community is a sign of that best self; the friendship; support given to each other, helping each one become fully alive.

That is what the spirituality of this school is about and we will show that glory of God to each and every one we meet.