More House has always been a close-knit community, and former students very much remain part of that community. They are welcomed back to school plays, concerts, exhibitions and awards days, and it is always great to hear what they have been up to. The school’s Alumni Facebook page has been very effective in helping us to keep in touch. However, this year the school is establishing an official More House School Alumni. The process has already begun with an initial meeting for an array of former students from the last 15 years, during which matters such as its name, purpose, breadth and format were discussed. By the end of the year the first Alumni event will have taken place, and a clear structure will be in place to keep people better informed and more closely involved. Keep an eye on the school’s Alumni page of the website for further information.

We also welcome former pupils to the school for a visit/tour. In the first instance, please contact the school office on 01252 7920303, or email to arrange a suitable time.

For more information about the plans to develop the Alumni, contact Tom Kirkham, Alumni Coordinator, on

Alumni Quotes

“I loved More House. I only realised how happy I was after I left”

“It’s like being a black cab driver … You get all your knowledge, your information, tools and training. But you use it most and appreciate it on your first day, and every day after that, upon leaving”

"More House was pivotal in giving me the confidence to get on both in my career and education. I have little doubt that without the support of the school I would not be where I am today." 

"Dyslexia is not the end of the world, but a mere bump in the road." (runs two companies now)

"I feel MH helped me develop the foundation of confidence I needed to pursue my desired career path. Furthermore, it gave me a platform from which I was able to continue to grow both academically and socially."